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Top Tips for Moving to a New Home

Start planning as soon as possible

Start with planning ahead by writing a checklist of tasks when you know your moving date. Start small and work up by tidying first and throwing out any broken or used items, then packing small items and working up to books, ornaments and so on. Take it room by room - start with the rooms that you don't visit that often and packing can feel simple and smooth.


Declutter and Recycle

Consider what needs to be thrown out and what could be recycled. Old, worn-out clothes, bed sheets, towels can go to your local recycling centre, and unwanted items can always be donated to local charity shops. Most councils offer a collection service where you can arrange them to lift large items like sofas, white goods and beds. Help save our planet, find your local recycling centre.

Local Recycling Centre

Protect your Furniture

It’s important to protect your furniture - accidents do happen during transport! Remove the legs from your dining table and bubble wrap them up to keep them safe. You can do the same with some large sofa feet too, if a screw is visible, it can be easily removed. Protect the corners of your sofa with cardboard corner protectors to avoid chips and scrapes.

Wrap things like side tables and coffee tables securely. Cover all your large pieces of furniture with blankets to keep them clean and safe. If you use a blanket, secure it around the legs. When packing lamps, remove the bulbs first and wrap them well. Remember to label each box accordingly for each room; this will make it easier for unpacking. 

Packing fragile items

Fill any spaces in a box with cushions, towels, bedding or anything soft. This stops your valuables moving around, keeping everything in one piece for when you unpack it. This is a great way to keep all your breakables safe without using endless rolls of plastic bubble wrap not to mention it’s more eco-friendly too! Pack some essentials together and keep them handy so when you arrive at your new home, you can easily get clean and comfy. Take hygiene supplies, sleepwear and bedding – plus everything you need for a cup of tea. You’ve earned it!


Moving Day

Unload large furniture before everything else - large items should be at the back of the removal van, closest to the shutter. Place boxes in their allocated room of house, this will be far easier if you’ve marked each box by room! Your survival suitcase will see you through the night, and you can start unpacking the next day.

Take one area at a time, starting with the room you use the most, and you’ll have a happy new home with no fuss at all.

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