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Supersize Your Small Space

If you are looking for how to decorate small living rooms here is some help tips on how to maximise your space. When it comes to picking paint colours, one of the easiest ways to make a small living room feel more spacious is to go for soft, pastel shades to keep the room warm and inviting.


1. Corner Correctly

You may have a long narrow living room and you think a corner sofa may not work, think again! Go for a pale L-shaped corner this will give you seating opens up the rest of the room. The Murphy sofa has a wide range of tactile fabrics to choose from which will complement any decor. You can also extend your corner to fit your room.

2. The Stool Seater

If you like your living room cute and cosy keep the furniture to a minimum. You can use footstools as seats for them unexpected guests. They’ll take up far less room than bulky armchairs, and can be easily manoeuvred the great thing is that they can be stored away under tables when you don't need them. The Walden sofa 2 seater sofa is compact but provides the ultimate comfort with feather fill scatter and arm cushions this truly is a sofa to snuggle up on it also comes with a matching footstool! 


4. Snuggler Swap

Sofa's with a bit of bulk can take up a lot of room especially when you have a tiny room. Snuggler chairs are the perfect size for two people. Their compact design fits into smaller spaces but offers plenty of comfort and style. The Westbury and Hanley sofas both come with snuggler's and are available in a range of fabrics.



5. Door, What Door?

Whether you live in a cosy country cottage or a urban studio flat, trying to create a relaxing space when your front door opens straight into your living room can be tricky. Take the emphasis away from the entrance by creating a focal point with thoughtfully arranged seating. A neat two-seater can be placed in front of the door to draw attention away from the doorway. 

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