Guardsman Protection

Taking care of your spills, rips and broken springs, giving you total peace of mind to truly enjoy your furniture for longer. If you don’t have a Furniture Protection Plan, don't worry Guardsman can still help! Guardsman talented techs can carry out stain removal services, cosmetic repairs like burns to your dining table, scratched leather or a thread pull in your fabric.

Why do I need a Furniture Protection Plan?

A Furniture Protection Plan is essentially a no-excess insurance policy.

You've spilt a drink on your lovely new sofa and the stain isn’t budging. What would you do if you didn’t have a Protection Plan?

Guardsman have you covered for 5 years!

  • It covers life’s little accidents, such as food or drink spills and accidental damage
  • A one-off payment for 5 years protection. There aren’t any excesses to pay or annual renewal costs.
  • Wherever possible, expert techs always aim to repair the damage on their first visit.
  • If the damage can’t be repaired, Guardsman will replace the damaged part, the item of furniture or offer a cash settlement.
  • You can make a claim any time throughout your plan. You can make as many claims as you need up to the indemnity value of your plan. (That’s the price you originally paid for your furniture or £15,000, whichever is the lowest).

So what does it actually cover for?

  • All forms of accidental staining Food eg. tea & coffee; Drink eg. curry & chocolate; Make-up; Ink
  • Accidental damage such as: Tears and rips eg. Caused by keys; Burns eg. Caused by candles; Scuffs and scratches (to covering leather); Pet scratches (not as a result of a build-up); Thread pulls.
  • Guardsman does not cover for: General cleaning; Wear and tear; Odours; Colour change; Animal chewing; Damage caused by perspiration; Structural faults (unless you have bought a structural damage plan).

If it's ripped, chipped, scratched or broken - Guardsman will assess the damage, and do whatever it takes to restore your furniture.

Guardsman's network of technicians will be able to put you in touch with your local repair expert. They will aim to provide a quick and convenient service so that the damage doesn’t get any worse and you can continue to use and enjoy your furniture. There is a mixture of cleaning and technical specialists so they will always be able to send exactly the right repair expert for each individual job. Sometimes it might be necessary to take an item to a workshop to complete a repair but generally we try to fix it for you there and then in your home or commercial premises.