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Roma 3 Seater Sofa

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  • 2 Fabric

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Product Details

The Roma range boasts a simply stylish design that's perfect for a contemporary home or to add a modern twist to a traditionally styled room. 


Displaying and sold in Kensington Charcoal fabric

Product Care Advice

Prolonging the life of your fabric sofa requires very little time and effort to keep it looking and feeling it’s best every day! If your cushions are filled with fibre, plump and turn them daily. For foam-filled loose cushions, rotate them regularly to promote even wear. A weekly vacuuming routine with the brush end of the hoover helps eliminate dust and maintain cleanliness in all those nooks where crumbs love to hide. Professional cleaning is advised to uphold the quality of your fabric. As with any well-loved sofa, interiors will naturally soften with regular use and make sure you use of all seats regularly. Finally, dressing your fabric sofa or chair not only enhances its look, but also helps prolong the life of your beloved spot!

Plumping fibre filled cushions.
Regularly fluffing up your seat cushions reintroduces air into them, thereby maintaining the comfort of your sofa. Plumping should be done at least once a week to preserve their appearance and comfort and turn when required to use all the cushion where possible.

Holding the cushion in both hands, firmly pat the outside edges of the cushion to allow air to circulate back into the filling. For scatter cushions, take the cushion in both hands and rotate as you plump the sides to bring the filling back into the centre. Lightly pull at the corners to neaten and then arrange them as desired. Don’t forget to plump up your arm cushions if they are removable.

Prolonging the life of foam seats and arm cushions.
Over a period of use, foam will soften and look less plump. Just like fibre, foam filled cushions require turning and rotating regularly to even the wear across the full pad and maintain their shape.


  • 1. Height 200cm

  • 2. Width 200cm

  • 3. Depth 53cm